What is a REM Pod and Should You Use it for Paranormal Investigations?

What is a REM Pod and Should You Use it for Paranormal Investigations?

Ghost hunters are always ready to jump on the next gadget for their paranormal investigations, and even with all the equipment traditionally used for paranormal detection, the REM Pod has become significantly more popular amongst ghost hunters today.

Most paranormal investigators use ghost hunting equipment such EVP recorders, EMF meters, SLS cameras and Spirit Boxes, and with all of these tried-and-tested devices available, where does the REM Pod come into play?

In this post, we'll go over everything you need to know about what is a REM Pod, how it works, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

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What is a REM Pod?
How Does a REM Pod Work?
What Does a REM Pod Do?
REM Pod Amazon Review
Is the REM Pod 2.0 Worth the Investment?
How to Use a REM Pod
How to Avoid False Activity with the REM Pod
History of the REM Pod

What is a REM Pod?

A REM Pod is a ghost hunting tool that uses electromagnetic fields to find and track ghosts. It is mainly used to determine whether a spirit or entity can be detected in the area or location where the ghost hunt is taking place.

Before we dive deeper into how a REM Pod works, let’s take a quick look at some of the more traditional tools used for ghost hunting, how the REM Pod is different, and if it is worth adding to your paranormal arsenal.

  • EVP Recorder — records your questions and the white noise that follows when attempting to communicate with a spirit
  • EMF Meter — used to measure spikes in electromagnetic activity, which can be caused by an entity nearby
  • Spirit Box — uses radio frequencies to open a channel of communication with ghosts and can produce some incredible results
  • SLS Camera — can detect the outline of a spirit in the form of a stick figure

So, where does the REM Pod fit in?

A REM Pod is an excellent starting point for paranormal investigations, as it helps to detect ghosts and confirm paranormal activity at any given location both visually and audibly.

When activity is seen on the Pod, starting a recording using a spirit box can yield good results. Alternately, if there was any activity captured on a spirit box or video camera at the same time as any temperature or field changes were captured on a REM Pod, it could further confirm a paranormal encounter.

Let’s see how it works.

How Does a REM Pod Work?

There are two theories as to how the REM Pod works:

How Does a REM Pod Work – Theory 1

The REM Pod stands for Radiating Electro-magnetism Pod, and it is said that it gets that name as it is designed to radiate its own EM (electromagnetic) field.

This makes it stand out from all the other devices mentioned above, as those are tuned to work by detecting fields or currents of electricity or RFs (radio frequencies) that are emitted from broadcast devices.

In other words,

The REM Pod does NOT measure EMFs but puts out EMFs.

This theory suggests, that since the REM Pod radiates its own electromagnetic field, it can often detect much more, which theoretically makes it easier for entities to use the device to communicate with the human realm.

How Does a REM Pod Work – Theory 2

In his video, paranormal investigator, Bryan Liechti, suggests that the REM Pod does not actually work by putting out any EMF or electromagnetic frequencies, and that it uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the device.

His explanation is that the device works by using REM technology not EMF technology. He states that,

"One of the big misconceptions is that the REM Pod emits its own EMF field.”

What it actually works on is "capacitance," meaning it has the ability to:

"…store an electrical charge, thus creating a field around itself that can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity."

Check out the video below to see how he tested this theory using an EMF meter:

What Does a REM Pod Do?

So, now that you have an idea of the technology behind the REM Pod and how it works, let’s see what it actually does.

The REM Pod can sense any variations in the field strength when anything enters its field.

This means that it can detect anything conductive moving in or out of its field. For paranormal investigations, this could mean spirits coming up to the Pod’s antenna, which covers a 360-degree range.

When a possible paranormal presence enters its field, each of the 4 colored LED lights switch on, with an audible sound, that varies in tone based on the strength of the disturbance in the field.

The LED lights turn on in a sequence or combination depending on:

  • how close the source is
  • how powerful it is, and
  • how the EM field changes or distorts due to its presence

Now, there are a few types of REM Pods available in the market, or you can also learn how to build a REM Pod yourself.

However, the most popular REM Pod is the original version sold on Amazon and other ghost hunting equipment online stores.

REM Pod Amazon Review

The latest version of the REM Pod, the REM-Pod-EMT 2.0, offers some great enhancements over the REM-Pod-EMT 1.0 model, and is marketed as having 40% more sensitivity around the antenna.

Some of the key features of the REM Pod 2.0 include:

EMT / ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection)

Hot/cold spot detection is often one way to detect paranormal activity, where the air temperature will suddenly shift when a spirit arrives.

The newest REM Pod makes an audible high/low pitched sound to indicate if there is a sudden change in the environment’s temperature within +/– 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is also coupled by a visual cue where a red light on the Pod indicates an increase in temperature with a higher pitch tone, and a blue light shows a decrease with a lower pitch tone.

  • Red light — Increase in temperature within + 5 degrees Fahrenheit, ascending tone
  • Blue light — Decrease in temperature within – 5 degrees Fahrenheit, descending tone

There’s also a button to automatically calibrate the device to the current room temperature before beginning your investigations.

5-Step REM Sensitivity/Range Adjustment

The REM-Pod-EMT enables investigators to adjust the sensitivity or range of the device to the location/conditions they are exploring.

The programmable REM sensitivity can be adjusted using the REM RANGE button on the device. Each time it is pressed, the detection range/sensitivity increases by about 20%, and the LEDs respond by blinking when the settings are changed.

The sensitivity levels are as follows, based on the sequence/combination of the LED lights turning on:

  • Level 1 — Purple LED turns on (Approx. 1-2” range)
  • Level 2 — Purple + Red LEDs turn on (Approx. 2-3” range)
  • Level 3 — Purple + Red + Blue LEDs turn on (Approx. 3-4” range)
  • Level 4 — Purple + Red + Blue + Yellow LEDs turn on (Approx. 4-5” range)
  • Level 5 — Purple + Red + Blue + Yellow + Green LEDs turn on (Approx. 5-7” range)

When the device is first turned on, it goes through an automatic self-test diagnostic routine, after which you can adjust the REM sensitivity as you wish.

To test the sensitivity levels, face both your hands towards the Pod’s antenna from the right and left, with the maximum detection distance being approximately ± 7” from the antenna for the 2.0 model.

At the highest, Level 5 setting, the Pod will be a lot more sensitive. Any external interference will trigger a blinking green LED, and if you encounter it, you may need to reduce the sensitivity level.

The higher sensitivity levels are there to amplify any weaker but interactive energies and detect energies at a greater distance. The recommended setting is Level 3, but you can experiment and see what works best for you.

Manual and Automatic Baseline Calibration

The REM-Pod-EMT provides manual and automatic baseline correction to automatically adjust for any type of interference from surrounding conductive materials, such as metallic objects, fluorescent lighting etc.

Press the REM Zero button to “zero” the baseline if needed. Also, if you’re using more than one Pod, separate them by at least 2-3 feet in distance.

If you notice interference from walkie talkies or other communication devices, adjust the sensitivity of the Pod, or stop using them while the Pod is on to prevent skewed results.

REM-Pod-EMT 2.0 Specifications

  • REM Sensitivity Boost within a +/- 7" EM Field
  • Bright Red, Green, Blue, Yellow & Purple LED Indicator Lights
  • Audible Tones Correlating to Field Disturbance
  • Backlight Allows Easy Visibility in The Dark
  • 5-Step Programmable REM Sensitivity enables Instantaneous Response to Field Fluctuations & Spikes
  • +5 / -5 Degree Audible and Visual Hot and Cold Spot Detection
  • Temperature "Zero" (Baseline)
  • Auto and Manual REM "Zero" (Baseline)
  • Removable Screw-in Antenna
  • 9Vdc Alkaline Battery Included
  • 1 Year Warranty

Is the REM Pod 2.0 Worth the Investment?

We’d say, absolutely!

The great thing about using a REM Pod is that it can be used in any situation — whether you're investigating a haunted house or trying to find a ghost in the wilderness.

  • It’s portable so you can literally take it anywhere to any location
  • The sensitivity can be adjusted which is a great feature in the field
  • We love that it has BOTH audible (high/low pitch sounds) + visual feedback (bright LEDs). This really makes it stand out from other devices that may just give a digital reading — and you can’t stare at a meter all night long!
  • The device does NOT trigger on every single investigation, meaning that it is actually working as it should

Get the latest REM-POD-EMT 2.0 from Amazon.

How to Use a REM Pod

When ghost hunting, the REM Pod should ideally be left in the location you’re investigating, rather than being carried around as a handheld gadget. You can place more than one Pod in a large area also, if required, to track any movement of energy.

You can then call out to any entities that may be present and encourage them to interact with the Pod. It’s important not to use the word REM Pod, as they’re not likely to understand the technical jargon, but rather use phrases like, “can you move closer to the red box in the center of the room.”

The main idea is to leave the REM Pod alone — it does NOT need to beep and glow up all the time — that shows that it is working!

There have been instances where the Pod has shown no activity for days, and then will suddenly light up and beep and show signs of activity. When this happens, it’s a good idea to use a spirit box and SLS camera to see if you can capture any audio recordings and/or images.

In this video, Robert Veach, of Vparanormal suggests a hack where you can also use the REM Pod to detect activity from entities going near objects of interest, such as pictures, photo frames, plaques etc. We thought it was pretty interesting!

How to Avoid False Activity with the REM Pod

During your investigations, it is important to become aware of anything that can interfere with the functioning of the Pod. For example, some investigators have reported that walkie talkies used by the team gave false activity, so be vigilant of this and of other equipment used around the device such as mobile phones, fluorescent lights, baby monitors etc.

As always it is up to investigators to determine if the activity and data is showing intelligent patterns, before concluding that the readings may be related to paranormal activity.

History of the REM Pod

The REM Pod gained immense popularity after being used on many mainstream TV shows, and was first created for the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures paranormal and reality television series. Since then, it is being used successfully by many paranormal investigators.

It was designed by electrical engineer Gary Galka, founder of the US-based company, DAS Distribution, which manufactures many other devices such as sound, humidity and EMF meters.

Galka started creating paranormal research devices after losing his eldest daughter, Melissa, in a tragic fatal car accident in 2004. Within a few days of her death, the family noticed odd occurrences at home and believed that it was Melissa trying to communicate with them.

This inspired Galka to create paranormal equipment that would enable him (and now hundreds of other paranormal investigators) to communicate with the other realm.  

Some of these devices like the REM Pod have become the industry-standard for paranormal research worldwide.

Ready to get one? Get out there and start ghost hunting!

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