Hands-On Review of the SB7 Spirit Box (With Tips and Tricks)

Hands-On Review of the SB7 Spirit Box (With Tips and Tricks)

Unlocking the mysteries of the spirit world is no easy feat. But, with a tool like the SB7 Spirit Box and a little know-how, it's within your grasp. 

In this post, we’ll offer practical tips and techniques to get the most out of your SB7 Spirit Box

We’ll guide you through optimal settings, best practices for clear communication, and advice on interpreting responses. Whether you're a seasoned ghost hunter or a curious beginner, these tips will help you maximize your sessions with the SB7 Spirit Box.

What is the SB7 Spirit Box?

I can still remember the first time I held the SB7 Spirit Box in my hands. Picture this - a small, handheld device, a bit larger than your average smartphone.  It was lighter than I expected and seemed almost innocuous.

So, what is the SB7 Spirit Box, really? 

This little gadget sweeps radio frequencies at high speed, creating a type of white noise that spirits are believed to use to form voices and communicate.

It's a device that's got a set of built-in speakers, a backlit display and buttons that control the various functions, that we'll get into later.

Now let's talk about the fun part: how it's used in paranormal investigations. 

Using the SB7 Spirit Box is akin to tuning an old-school radio, but with a twist. Instead of listening to your favorite songs just like a regular AM/FM radio, you're searching for voices from the other side. 

The device rapidly scans AM and FM frequencies, and it's in this sweeping noise that you might catch fragments of words, sentences, or even direct responses to your questions. Basically, it's like having a conversation with spirits.

But there's more to the SB7 Spirit Box than its basic operation. This device is a gem in terms of its features. There's the option to sweep frequencies in reverse, believed to further aid in capturing authentic EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). It's also equipped with a noise cancellation feature, helping to reduce static and let those otherworldly voices come through more clearly. 

And did I mention its portability? The compact design means you can carry it easily during your investigations, from the eeriest attic to the most haunted woods.

But as intriguing as it sounds (and it is), remember that this isn't just a device. It's a tool that opens up a whole new realm of communication. It's like being handed a special phone - one that lets you dial into the beyond.

Setting Up and Using the SB7 Spirit Box

So, you've got your shiny new SB7 Spirit Box (we recommend buying it off Amazon), and you're all set for your first foray into the world of spirit communication. Exciting, right? 

Below, we'll get you started with the basics of setting up and using this device.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up the SB7 Spirit Box

  1. First off, power up the device by inserting the batteries in the compartment at the back.
  1. Once your SB7 is powered up, use the power button to switch it on. You'll see the backlit display light up.
  1. Your SB7 Spirit Box defaults to FM mode, but you can use the 'AM/FM' button to switch to AM frequencies if you wish. I often stick with FM, but it's always interesting to explore both.
  1. Choose the direction of the sweep by pressing the 'Sweep REV' button. This can either be forward or reverse - I've found some intriguing responses in both directions, it’s really personal preference.
  1. Adjust the sweep rate with the 'Sweep Rate' button. The speed can range from 50ms to 350ms. I usually start with a 200ms sweep rate, but feel free to experiment.

Latest Updates in the SB7T

An upgrade to the original SB7 spirit box, the SB7T is the latest version sporting a few key added features:

  • The most recent Rev 6 version showcases an incorporated temperature monitor that displays both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and also allows instant volume control.
  • Enhanced visibility through the addition of a red backlight, great for low-light settings.
  • A fresh feature called AM Boost, designed for quicker speeds although with a limited variety of speed settings.
  • The device now includes Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD), facilitating the identification of sudden temperature changes.
  • A handy built-in flashlight is part of the new SB7T
  • The sound output has been optimized for increased volume.
  • To ensure secure handling, a wrist strap has been added.

View the video below, to check out all the features and see how the P-SB7T works:

Detailed Instructions for Using the SB7 or SB7T Effectively

  1. With the device setup, you're ready to get started. Ask a question, then wait patiently for a response. Keep in mind, spirits communicate in their own time - patience is key.
  1. Keep your sessions respectful and maintain an open mind. You might hear random words at first, but don't be disheartened. Over time, you may start recognizing patterns or receive direct responses to your questions.

Tips for Optimizing the SB7 Spirit Box Use During Investigations

  1. Location Matters: Try using the device in different locations. Spirits may be more active or willing to communicate in certain areas.
  1. Time of Day: Some investigators have noted more activity during the 'witching hour' between midnight and 3 AM. However, I've had interesting sessions at all times of the day.
  1. Avoid Contamination: Be mindful of potential sources of contamination like radio stations or other electronic devices.
  1. Record Your Sessions: Recording your sessions can be useful as it allows you to review the audio later. Sometimes, responses are not clear in real-time but become apparent on playback.
  1. Group Work: Try investigating with a group. Different energies may attract different responses.

Hands-On Review of the SB7 Spirit Box

Few things can prepare you for the first time you hear a clear, direct response from the other side. It's actually a mix of disbelief, excitement, and a chill down the spine, all rolled into one.

Personal Experience Using the SB7 Spirit Box

I've used the SB7 Spirit Box in several investigations, and each time, it feels like stepping into a new world. In one of my early sessions when I asked, "Is anyone there?" and heard a faint "yes" amidst the static, my heart skipped a beat. It wasn't scary, but it was definitely thrilling.

But it's not always about getting responses. Sometimes it's about feeling more connected to the world beyond ours, feeling a sense of reverence for the spirits who've chosen to communicate with us.

Detailed Analysis of the Device’s Functionality and Ease of Use

In terms of functionality, the SB7 Spirit Box is pretty straightforward, which is fantastic for beginners but also has enough features to satisfy seasoned investigators. I love the simplicity of the design and how portable it is. Carrying it around during investigations is a breeze.

It's easy to switch between AM/FM modes, and you can adjust the sweep rate just by pressing a button. The sound clarity is also remarkable, considering it's working through so much static to find voices.

The noise cancellation function is truly a lifesaver when you're trying to decipher responses amidst the white noise. Plus, the backlit display, and the flashlight on the new SB7T is a neat feature for those late-night investigations.

Insights Gained from Its Use in Various Environments

I've taken my SB7 Spirit Box on investigations in a variety of locations - haunted houses, cemeteries, historical sites, you name it. What I've noticed is that each location provides a unique interaction. At a historic inn, the responses felt older, if that makes any sense. In a cemetery, the communications were more solemn.

And the insights gained? Well, every response adds a new layer of understanding about the spirit world, and it's shown me the importance of respect and patience when communicating with spirits. You're dealing with energies that were once human, after all.

So, is the SB7 Spirit Box worth it? Absolutely. It looks like a simple device but offers an incredible opportunity to explore, to learn, and connect with the world beyond.

The Science behind the SB7T or SB7 Spirit Box

So how does the SB7 Spirit Box work? 

In its essence, the SB7 relies on a concept used in the field of paranormal research known as instrumental transcommunication (ITC). 

It's fancy jargon, but the idea is simple. ITC is the use of electronic devices (like our spirit box) to communicate with spirits. Theories suggest that these entities can manipulate energy and frequencies to relay messages. 

For example, let's say you're trying to communicate with someone in a room you can't enter. 

ITC is like passing a walkie-talkie into the room so they can respond. In the case of the SB7 Spirit Box, it's scanning radio waves quickly, and it achieves this by rapidly sweeping through radio frequencies, creating a flow of white noise. 

The theory here is that spirits can use this noise and manipulate these waves to form their own responses, making them heard through the device. So, it's like giving spirits a voice in our world using our electronic tools.

Its Role in the Field of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

When it comes to Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), the SB7 Spirit Box has truly carved out a place for itself. EVP involves capturing spirit voices on electronic media, often found when the recording is played back. 

But with SB7, the game changes. The device allows for real-time EVP, where the responses are heard in the moment, not just in playback. It's like moving from sending letters to having a live chat - it revolutionizes the way we can communicate with the spirit world. 

Its Effectiveness Based on Scientific Evidence

Now, I should mention that while many have had fascinating experiences with the SB7 Spirit Box, the scientific community remains skeptical. There's still debate around whether the voices captured are truly paranormal or just pareidolia - our brain's tendency to find patterns in random data. 

However, when you hear a direct response to your question or a message that resonates with the history of a location, it's hard not to believe that something extraordinary is happening.

Also, science is constantly evolving. What's considered unproven today might be a universally accepted truth tomorrow. Until then, we keep exploring, keep questioning, and keep communicating.

Comparison of the SB7 Spirit Box with Similar Devices

Speaking of paranormal equipment, you've got everything from the traditional EVP recorders to Ouija boards to ghost hunting apps.

EVP recorders, for instance, are fantastic for capturing electronic voice phenomena. However, you need to wait until the recording is played back to hear any potential messages. With the SB7 Spirit Box, you're getting real-time responses.

Ghost hunting apps are convenient (and pretty cool, I must admit), but they lack the tactile experience of using a physical device like the SB7. 

Pros and Cons

Let's dive a little deeper into the pros and cons of the SB7 Spirit Box.


  1. Real-Time Communication: You get to hear responses as they happen. It's like having a live chat with the spirit world.
  1. Portability: It's compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around during investigations.
  1. Ease of Use: Simple to operate, making it great for beginners and experienced investigators alike.


  1. Radio Interference: Because it sweeps radio frequencies, there's a chance of picking up radio broadcasts. However, this can usually be differentiated from potential spirit communication.
  1. Battery Consumption: The SB7 can run through batteries pretty quickly, so it's best to keep some extras on hand.

Final Verdict

Stepping into the realm of the supernatural with the SB7 Spirit Box is a unique experience for each individual. The device is user-friendly for beginners yet offers enough depth for experienced investigators. And for those simply seeking a brush with the unknown, it promises some thrilling action. Also, no two spirit box sessions are the same, much like our experiences in life.

It's fascinating to see the array of experiences users have had with the SB7 Spirit Box. For some, it's been a gateway to reconnect with loved ones who've passed on. For others, it's a tool to explore the history and stories embedded in various locations. And then there are those who simply enjoy the thrill of possibly communicating with the other side.

But whether it's curiosity, closure, or a desire for connection driving these interactions, the common thread is the sense of wonder and possibility that the SB7 Spirit Box brings. Try it for yourself, order it here!

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